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During the last century, man has bred the dog mainly according to its conformation. As a result, nearly 400 dog breeds exist, of which many are numerically small. Skilled devotees, veterinarians, geneticists and biologists have started to be concerned about the numerous diseases and defects as well as behavioural problems of the modern dog. Many of these problems result from one-sided, show-driven breeding as well as inbreeding used to meet the objectives.

Society for Canine Genetic Health and Ethics aims at better welfare of the dog. Society is concerned about health problems resulting from exaggerated breed standards. It also worries about the factors that weaken the ability of the dog to adjust to the modern society. One of the goals of the Society is to support research that rises the level of knowledge about canine genetics and behaviour, and so enables better welfare of the dog. Society aims to release the findings of the studies available and understandable for every interested breeder and puppy purchaser. Awareness of the general public must be increased. As the most important thing in the dog's life is the human and his choices, the social links (points in common) have to be considered as well.

Planned breeding programs to function as hoped-for requires co-operation of everyone involved, as well as information provided by research. The Society aspires to co-operation with different groups and quarters home and abroad. Universities at the field, politicians, professionals in genetics and veterinary medicine, everyone is welcome to join us in the struggle for a healthier dog.

If you wish to back our endeavour, you can join the Society as a supporting member. For the supporting members the Society offers scientific information in an understandable form as well as interesting seminars.

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